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EcoWise: Nurturing Young Minds for E-Waste Wisdom

The course is tailored to engage and educate teenagers, providing them with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions regarding their electronic consumption and waste. "EcoWise: Nurturing Young Minds for E-Waste Wisdom Course Image." 2024 created by OpenAI with Prompt ("Create an image for a course titled EcoWise: Nurturing Young Minds for E-Waste Wisdom, to upload as course image in Moodle") given by Sushumna Rao on Apr 01 2024.

E-mail Marketing – Cold email sales outreach

The scenario is intended for people working in the hospitality industry and mainly working back office at the Sales Department of a hotel/ resort. That is to say, stuff like the Sales Development Representative (SDR), the inside & outside sales representative, the Sales Manager, the Customer Success Manager (CSM), the Sales operation manager, the sales operation and regional sales manager, as well as the Director, Vice President Manager, and the Chief Sales Officer (CSO).

Creating H5P - Interactive Content in Moodle

This course is developed as part of OE4BW project. (Link opens in new window). As facilitated course will it start soon, please fill the form,(Link opens in new window) so that we can inform you about start date. *Still you can access the course as a guest. This Course will address the needs of today's teachers to build active learning environments.  Detailed tutorials with examples of creative ideas and uses of H5P content type are explained.